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Certified Reference Materials

CRM's Orbis
Multi-Parameter, CFPP, CP/PP, Density, Distillation, Sulphur/Mercaptan Sulphur, FAME, Flash, Fuels, Colour, TAN/TBN, Viscosity.


Hydrometer orbis
Hydrometers and Calibration

ASTM Glassware

ASTM Glassware Orbis
D86 Distillation, D1160, D1319 Hydrocarbon, D1401 Water Separability, D2500 CP, D3242 Acidity in Fuel, D524 Ramsbottom, D525 Oxidation Stability, D611 Analine Point, D6371 CFPP, D892 Foaming of Lube Oils, D97 PP, D943 Oxidation.