Taperered bearing simulator viscometer

Tannas TBS


ASTM D4683 CEC L-36-A90, IP 370 JPI-5S-36-03
HTHS viscosity determination of fresh and used engine oils at 150°C and 1x106 sec shear rates.

Required for:
ILSAC GF-2 to GF-6 (A&B) & dexos TM Engine Oil Specifications
API ‘SL’, ‘SM’ and ‘SN’ categories for modern engine oils
ACEA Oil Sequences
SAE J300 Engine Oil Viscosity Grade

ASTM D6616 HTHS viscosity determination of large, medium speed, automotive, and heavy duty engine oils at 100°C and 1x106 sec-1 shear rates.
Basis for 100°C railroad oil viscosity classification.

Reference Technique: TBS is the referee instrument for ASTM D4741 & D5481

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