Multi-Purpose Low-Temperature Bath / Low-Temperature Pumpability & Gelation Index

Tannas Scanning Brookfield Plus Two / SB+2

The versatile Scanning Brookfield PlusTwo (SB+2) liquid bath offers a broad cooling range, both manual & automatic temperature control, a large viewing window, and five easily replaceable bath covers (Insert Modules) for analyzing lubricants and fluids meeting numerous low-temperature test methods:

ASTM D5133, D7110
Viscosity-Temperature Scanning Technique

ASTM D2983
Low-Temperature Viscosity SimAirĀ® Test Cells

ASTM D4684
MRV-TP1 Mini-Rotary Viscometer

Low-Temperature Kinematic Viscosity

Pour Point

ASTM D2500
Cloud Point

FTM 203C
Stable Pour Point

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