STARDist Lite

High quality hardware and easy operation come together in our

STARDist Lite


"Semi-automatic distillation unit for manual distillation testing".

Built with the same hardware components as its fully automatic brother STARDist, the Lite version is meant for those looking for the best quality available in a manual distillation instrument.

Besides outstanding quality, STARDist Lite's key features are the modern touch-screen interface for Heater/Condenser control and calibration, as well as the solid state cooling system that is electronically controlled (Peltiers) and does not contain any liquids, pumps and valves.

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Benefits of the built-in solid state condenser cooling unit include:

  • Easy operation, no water or ice filling
  • Fast cooling interactions powerful Peltier elements for quick cooling or heating of condenser
  • Accurate temperature according to method
  • Ramping mode to prevent both evaporation loss and waxing within one distillation
  • Reliable configuration no liquids or moving parts: maintenance friendly
  • Built-in; small instrument footprint
  • CFC free

  • The low mass/low voltage heater is equipped with a reflection system that provides a 30% increase of heat efficiency!

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